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As one of nature’s most ancient, precious, and desired works of art, a pearl starts out as a tiny bead within an oyster or mollusk, around which many layers must form. Pearls acquire their beauty and luster only through the passage of time, which is why they’ve become a legendary symbol of wisdom. Pearl jewelry is appropriate for any occasion and can instantly make any woman feel special. Whether you’re looking for an elegant addition to your formal attire or a fashionable accessory for everyday wear, MiraMe offers an array of pearl jewelry to suit your every desire.

Every woman who wears MiraMe jewels exudes romance, elegance, sensuality, femininity, style, and self-assurance.

Precious stones forming geometric shapes, gold chains and antique coins are irresistible to every woman!


Has always loved pearl and vintage items! Growing up she spent her free time visiting antique stores in order to find special and unique pieces that had been forgotten. An interest in history encouraged her to delve deeper into how jewels were used in the past to enhance fashion trends.


She was Fascinated by their design, function, the fashion attire they were meant to complement, the artist who created them and the people who commissioned them. This passion has translated into a business that i hope will share the same joy we have for the these exquisite pieces!

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